Enki: Complete ICT Solutions!

Hardware, network & security for small to mid-sized business.

Enki specializes in complete ICT solutions for the small to mid-sized businesses in Belgium covering hardware, network and security solutions. Enki is born out of the passion for ICT and a strong will to deliver reliable, performing, secure and complete ICT solutions. We realized that most of the ICT challenges, whether it is PC performance, network downtime, server sprawl… , are caused by either the wrong ICT equipment for the job, or the equipment not being set up as it should.


The latter is often the result of a supplier trying to sell hardware, network or security solutions for whatever question its customer asks, without any understanding of the customer’s complete ICT environment and/or with just the general knowledge of the sold product or solution. There are no hardware, network or security vendors that know everything about all ICT domains or compatible third party solutions. So for a proper tailored complete ICT solution, you need specialists.


Enki uses another approach to fulfill your ICT needs. Enki itself is specialized in hardware, networks and network security solutions. For all the other ICT needs of our customers we select the best partners, based on our many years of experience in the ICT market. That way we are able to offer complete ICT solutions via one Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all your needs giving you access to the specialist knowledge needed to configure each part of the solution properly. 


Consequently, you don't have to deal with a dozen of companies to maintain, manage and optimize your complete ICT solution yourself. Enki will always remain your single point of contact, following your project from the very start and helping you to optimize your ICT environment according to your business needs.